IR Soluciones, a Spanish company with a very American mindset

IR Soluciones is a Spanish company but with a very American business mindset; a team of entrepreneurs obsessed with providing quality service.
For Miami Vacation Rentals (https://www.miamivacationrentals.com/en), a Miami leisure and short-term apartment rental company that needed to
manage both its own and third-party apartments as well as reservations, IR Soluciones designed a web platform that allows it to comprehensively
manage apartments, parking spaces, reservations, availability, owners, customers, rates, check-ins, check-outs, cleaning, income, expenses,
payments, statistics, etc. The solution includes a public website to collect online reservations with specific areas for clients and apartment owners.
The platform is integrated with other mainstream rental platforms. It is a multi-language project that starts from an original development in English. It
started in 2015, with the first phase completed and two more under development.

IR Soluciones is an IT solutions engineering company with a team of 30 professionals with more than 20 years’ industry experience. IR Soluciones
works in two fundamental areas for any advanced company, Software and Systems. From its offices in La Rioja (Spain) it addresses projects for SMEs
and corporations throughout Spain and other countries, with global deployments. “We are good at communicating with people and proposing
solutions to problems” says Alberto Hijazo, general director, IR Soluciones. Major companies place their trust in IR Soluciones, including Miami
Vacation Rentals, Garnica Plywood, Standard Profil, Acciona Energy, Gamesa Eólica, Canal de Isabel II, Grupo Serunión, Barpimo, Grupo
Vicarli, Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco and Knet Comunicaciones. IR Soluciones’ software development encompasses projects like Acciona
Energy’s global logistics process control system. The company was experiencing issues worldwide in managing implementation and
maintenance processes in its wind and solar farms, including having information dispersed across various systems, discrepancies, repetitive
manual actions resulting in unreliable information and heterogeneous documentation. IR developed a custom global system to handle
purchasing, transfers, repair flows, international transport, stocks, dangerous goods, inventory and quality assurance.
Cicla Manufacturing is a waste management company that needed to simplify and standardize its documentation. IR Soluciones created a web
solution to produce and manage standard documentation. Vicarli manages the pallet warehouses of CHEP, which rents pooled
pallets. As a logistics operator, Vicarli needed to organize and fully control pallet flows. IR Soluciones developed a custom software platform to
manage all processes, from pallet shipping and collection for CHEP clients to mobility planning and managing truck and forklift drivers, scanning of
hardcopy shipping notes. Other notable software projects include a multi-language app for a manufacturer of smart bathroom scales, the Spairal B2B platform for
client/supplier transactions, a big data system with a sales philosophy for a pharma company and a multi-language web platform to manage Gamesa’s
supply chain linking to all suppliers. Systems IR Soluciones team offers support for its software platforms, offering clients
turnkey projects hosted on 24/7 monitored platforms. IR Soluciones provides cloud-based support. The Arsys data center in
Miami combined with the knowledge of the IR solutions team for implementation and support, can be a good alternative for those
companies. In addition, Spanish companies that are members of the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce, like Standard Profil, that have Systems
needs in the Miami area and already have a logistics channel for sending equipment, can count on IR Soluciones.

Companies like Starglass, Eurochamp, Garnica Plywood and Standard Profil have already entrusted their systems to IR Soluciones. IR Soluciones
works with top-level manufacturers and partners to deploy with multimanufacturer solutions, with brands like Arsys, Cisco Systems, Ubiquiti,
MicroTik, WatchGuard, Dell, EMC2, NetApp, APC, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat Linux, Citrix, VMWare, Nakivo, Veeam, Brocade and BitDefender.