IR Soluciones installs Wi-Fi in main La Rioja soccer stadium and two mountain towns.


IR Solutions continues to deploy Wi-Fi in La Rioja, Spain. This fall, the Riojan Wi-Fi specialist launched a private Wi-Fi network in Las Gaunas soccer stadium, home to the Logroñés team. It also installed two village-wide public wireless networks, in Brieva de Cameros (pop. 56) and Mansilla de la Sierra (pop. 67).

The deployment of a private Wi-Fi network in Las Gaunas ensures indoor and outdoor coverage in several parts of the stadium facilities. The Wi-Fi network is now available in the press room, press booths, locker rooms, grandstand and the two end stands. This wireless network is for private use.

In Logroño, IR Soluciones has also deployed Wi-Fi in both city squares (El Espolón, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Escuelas Daniel Trevijano) and public buildings (City Hall, Casa de las Ciencias, Rafael Azcona Library).

The deployment of public Wi-Fi networks in the villages of Brieva de Cameros and Mansilla de la Sierra, including the Tabladas district, was made possible by the European WIFI4EU initiative. The two towns join another six in La Rioja and three in Soria where IR Soluciones has installed wireless networks in the last two years. Both villages are located in the remotest parts of the Upper Najerilla Valley, near the province of Burgos, where communications are a major issue. IR Soluciones has helped bridge the digital divide in these two towns and in others, including Villoslada, Herce, Huércanos, Casalarreina and Rodezno, as well as three other villages in the Soria mountains.

In Brieva, Wi-Fi is available in the Town Hall and Church squares, community center, medical center and museum, pensioners hall, Casa de la Falange and Valdiña quarter. In Mansilla the network covers the town hall, medical center, youth club, pensioners hall, 7 Villas hall, Aristorena and Pajares streets, La Casilla in the town’s outskirts and the Tabladas district by the reservoir dam.

Wi-Fi Specialists
A Wi-Fi network deployment specialist, IR Solutions provides communications and internet solutions for companies, schools, towns and public administrations. Wi-Fi network infrastructures have become an essential service. IR designs wireless networks for exponential growth, ensuring proper security and availability with performance levels on par with wired services. Its aim is to provide quality service, reliability, adaptability and security in convergent voice, data and multimedia services over a wireless infrastructure.

The IR systems team makes sure your Wi-Fi network combines seamless centralized security and user and traffic management. Before tackling a project, a preliminary survey is carried out with the appropriate tools to design a coverage map and determine required access points, speed and bandwidth, as well as assessing interference factors. Before IR Soluciones submits a proposal, it carries out a study to identify the public areas with the highest traffic of people as well as those locations that may be of interest to the local economy, such as public spaces close to local tourist venues and small hospitality or trade businesses.

IR offers adaptable, scalable solutions no matter the size of the business, school or municipality designing the best wireless facilities and features to suit your particular needs.


Secure, flexible and scalable solutions
IR Solutions offers both wired and wireless network environments that are totally secure, flexible and scalable, always adapted to the specific needs of clients. Its catalogue on wireless networks, includes among others, the following options:

Virtual Wi-Fi networks, securely separating traffic and users into different networks
Captive portals to manage user registration and access and link to corporate website or social networks.
• Enhanced coverage employing radio link systems to bring together multiple sites and link local networks and communication systems.
• Wireless IP-Surveillance camera systems.
• Integration with local, cloud and hybrid networks
Wireless indoor and outdoor equipment

IR Soluciones is committed to local businesses and, in La Rioja, it partners with Electricidad Oliván, Electrónicas Sayca and the ISP Knet Comunicaciones.


Picture of Las Gaunas: Pablovp
Picture of Brieva: Rowanwindwhistler