IR Soluciones focuses 2021 strategy on network security

 The need to feel safer implies innovations to protect customers and employees. There are also growing concerns about data misuse and information security. A sharp rise in the number of corporate documents stored in the cloud, artificial intelligence and strong cybersecurity measures are going to mark the coming months.


Post-COVID work organization: from 5-2 to 3-2-2 working week

Company managers have no choice but to consider how work will be organized beyond the pandemic: i.e., how, when and from where their employees will work.

Once it is safe to return to the office, many employees will have spent a year or more working from home, and will have discovered the advantages of work-life balance, flexibility or extra time. Also the disadvantages, of course. For this reason, companies will allow their employees to telework two days a week and come to the office three days a week. This mixed model, with each company defining their own distribution of time, could become a permanent arrangement across industries.

According to the latest LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index, in Spain, six out of ten professionals in large companies believe they will be able to work remotely a few days a week after the pandemic. This percentage drops to 21% in small companies.


IR Challenges for 2021: Artificial intelligence, teleworking and devices

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in professional settings. It will be present in everyday use, with smartphones and smart speakers, but also in offices. The growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) will have consequences in the field of cybersecurity, with exponential growth in the number of access points and in attack surface. Therefore, one of the major challenges for 2021 is to address AI security needs and the growing rise in data volume, with more storage capacity in data centers.

2021 will also pose major challenges for corporate IT teams: teleworking and the creation of hybrid spaces will give rise to new vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks have continued to grow during the pandemic, allowing criminals an increased number of ways they can break into corporate networks.

This makes it difficult to protect sensitive data and business systems, in traditional offices and now, also in employees´ homes. This is a fundamental challenge requiring application modernization and data integration across different connected clouds. This market is expected to grow by 20.7% on average, increasing investment in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in two out of three companies in Spain.



A common thread to all of the above is safety. Investments in this area have grown exponentially in 2020, particularly in VPN and two-factor authentication solutions, as well as the security of local or multi-site networks integrated into services.

The model of a workplace that is smart, mobile and mixed (office and home) underscores the need for secure connections and access solutions to ensure business and workplace continuity in the event of future contingencies.


IR Soluciones takes on 2021 with a reinforced staff under the motto “Loyalty. Team. Future.” and the mission of looking after its employees and clients.